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GLASSO Climat double-glazed windows

Save up to 40% on heating
GLASSO Sound double-glazed windows
Peace and quiet even with a jammed highway outside
GLASSO Solar double-glazed windows
Save up to 40% on air conditioning
GLASSO Triplex double-glazed windows
Impact-resistant windows guarantee the house protection both from the inside and outside
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Warm in winter

Comfortable in summer

Keeping out noise


Keeping warm in winter

The silver coating on the glass used in GLASSO Climat® double-glazed windows reflects the thermal radiation from the heating devices inside the room preventing the heat to escape outside. And thus it provides high thermal insulation in the cold season.

Twice warmer

Energy-saving windows with GLASSO Climat® technology have a thermal resistance coefficient of 1.15 sq.m*0C/W. This is 2 times more than an ordinary window.

Saving on heating

GLASSO windows with energy-saving Climat® technology retain up to 78% of the heat in the room, thereby reducing the operation of heating devices and thus you save on utility bills.

Protection from the street heat

GLASSO Solar® double-glazed windows reflect most of the infrared radiation that would heat the room, while the light passes smoothly, entailing no changes in the illumination.

Interior textiles do not fade

All curtains, carpets, and textiles exposed to ultraviolet rays would fade over time. Still there is an alternative – a special coating offered by GLASSO Solar® that neutralizes up to 80% of UV rays and thereby extends the service life of your interior textiles several times.

Saving on air conditioning

GLASSO Solar® UV-protected windows keep the house cool in the summer while reducing the power demand on air conditioning. Energy consumption in the summer is reduced by up to 40% due to less operation of air conditioners.

Street noise protection

The GLASSO Sound® technology enables glass of different thicknesses used in double-glazed windows to absorb street noise, protecting the peace and quiet of the apartment and its inhabitants and achieving acoustic comfort at home.


The high degree of safety is another useful feature of GLASSO Sound®. It is far too difficult to break the glass due to its increased thickness, and such a window is perfect for a children's room.

Keeping warm in winter

The inner glass in the GLASS Sound® double-glazed window has an energy-saving coating reflecting the thermal radiation from the heating devices back inside the room preventing the heat to escape outside, thereby providing high thermal insulation in the cold season.

While you are away

Windows and doors can be protected from intrusion due to the GLASSO Triplex® technology, which is especially relevant in a country house or an apartment on the first and last floor. In case of attempts to break such a window, the GLASSO Triplex® will extinguish the force of the impact and prevent the thief from entering the building!

Guaranteed protection

All the protective properties of GLASSO Triplex® are efficient not only against intruders but make the windows completely safe for inhabitants. It might take a huge effort to damage such a window, yet even if this happens, a special membrane would hold the fragments. Such windows allow you not to worry at all about the safety of active children.

Acoustic insulation

Since GLASS Triplex® double-glazed windows use glass of different thicknesses, providing absorption of excessive noise and comprehensive street noise protection, therefore preserving the silence of the apartment and the peace of its inhabitants.

Protection from textile fading and excessive heating of the room from the outside

Interior decoration and textiles are protected from fading due to the reflection of up to 80% of harmful UV radiation. GLASSO Solar double-glazed windows pass only 35% of solar heat, keeping the house cool in the summer while reducing the power demand on the air conditioning.

Keeping your family safe

Windows with GLASSO Triplex® technology use multi-layer shockproof glass, anti-burglar fittings and handles to provide a high degree of protection against attempts to open the window with brute force.

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