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GLASSO uses only high-quality accessories and mechanisms for the window leaf. The large catalog of Siegenia and Axor fittings offers a rich selection of reliable and functional elements for your window. The Siegenia brand has confirmed its true German quality, and the Ukrainian Axor has proven its availability, reliability and durability.
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Modern window fittings of the Siegeniа-Aubi concern provide not only easy opening and closing of the window leaf but also reliability and safety. Fittings are manufactured only in Germany and are renowned for their quality. The Siegenia-Aubi concern is one of the world leaders in the production of fittings for PVC windows.

TITAN AF fittings are the next step in the development of the TITAN fittings line, combining economic, technical advantages and attractive appearance. The TITAN AF fittings enable to make windows of all permissible sizes with a high anti-burglary class. Rectangular, arched, oblique structures are available.

— High-quality materials, streamlined processing method and high functionality.

— Up to RC3 anti-burglary class.

— Easy to install.

— Invisible or visible hinges.

— Many successful solutions make the product attractive to end users.

— Individual design due to a wide product line.


FAVORIT is not only about the name, but about the actual attitude to the fittings as a leader. FAVORIT is constantly evolving and improving over the years of its existence. Now FAVORIT offers high-quality, technically tested, classic fittings. It is a universal solution for large and small, wooden and PVC windows. System with lots of advantages! FAVORIT fittings are extremely easy to install and adjust, which increases production efficiency.

— Great opportunities in the design of structures.

— Modular construction of the FAVORIT Si-line S-ES system is the ability to achieve high anti-burglary class.

— FAVORIT RB / SF for arches and oblique windows: functionality and convenience for non-standard solutions.

— Great number of additions within the FAVORIT catalog meet non-standard requirements.

— Exquisite design, high corrosion resistance, environmentally-friendly, safe.

AXOR Fittings

AXOR fittings is a system of window fittings from a Ukrainian manufacturer meeting European quality requirements (EN and DIN). AXOR fittings provide high functionality, comfortable operation, and safety for the end user.

AXOR fittings are characterized by ergonomics, smooth and silent operation of all window parts, and also tightly press the window leaf to the frame, which eliminates any blowing, reduces heat loss in the cold season, and increases the acoustic insulation characteristics of the product.

The durability of fittings is confirmed by tests on the number of opening cycles, load resistance, and corrosion resistance. Fittings provide 20,000 full tilt-and-turn opening cycles, equivalent to 10 years of product operation.

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