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Glass partitions

GLASSO partitions are elegant zoning of the space preserving the feeling of light and space.
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Transparency and space-saving

Glass partitions are the best modern solution for dividing office space. The use of mobile glass structures is convenient and safe. They enable fast zoning for specific tasks.

Glass partitions are eco-friendly and have excellent aesthetic properties. They are refined and fill the room with an atmosphere of freshness and spaciousness. When using decorative inserts (customized options available), partitions will become a spectacular addition to the interior emphasizing its individuality.

Advantages of GLASSO partitions:
  • complete transparency effect;
  • safe-to-use thick glass (10-19 mm);
  • elegant design;
  • easy to install.
Glass partitions
Glass partitions
Customized solution

Partitions can be customized upon preliminary measurements and project creation to fully correspond to specific tasks. All works are performed by GLASSO experts in our production facilities.

Intended use

Glass partitions are designed for zoning the space, eliminating the pile-up effect. They are used in offices, business centers, and administrative buildings, shopping centers, and showrooms to allocate separate offices, meeting rooms, sales departments, etc.

Freedom of design solutions:
  • zoning without construction work and garbage;
  • different types of openings (fixed, slide, swing, telescopic, with automatic opening mechanism) and their forms (straight, radius);
  • different types of glass: transparent and ultra-light, frosted and bent, finished with color film and equipped with drawings, tempered glass (triplex), etc.
  • different types of fittings (polished or ground steel, anodized aluminum, gold-plated or painted in any color) which enables to choose a solution that best matches the interior style.
Glass partitions
Glass partitions
GLASSO Service — 5-year service life guarantee

The company provides maintenance services for installed structures and their repair. The reliability of our systems allows us to provide a 5-year warranty, although they serve much longer.

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