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Our production facilities

We strictly monitor the quality of our products, which are manufactured in our high-tech production facilities. This is the only way to control the entire manufacturing process, and it sets us apart from other companies.

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Indicators of our

The advantageous difference between GLASSO and other companies is its own high-tech production of aluminum structures, PVC systems, glass products, NVF, and much more. We work without intermediaries and are ready to offer you a complex glazing solution!

20 years of operation in the market resulted in our dynamic development and establishment as a high-class manufacturer.

structures a day
double-glazed windows
a day
90 sec
takes to produce
a new window
quality control


  • Lines of
    PVC structures
  • Line of
    double-glazed windows
  • Installation of
  • Line of aluminum structures
  • Line of

Line of PVC structures

We can produce up to 900 products per day. Such production rates are provided by automatic lines for the production of standard PVC windows. We produce windows for the glazing of apartments and structures of non-standard sizes for country houses, cottages, shopping pavilions, office buildings.

Line od double-glazed windows

Our factory has an automated line for the production of all types of energy-saving double-glazed windows using tempered polished glass of various sizes and thicknesses, including triplex and glass with energy-saving coating, the thinnest layer of which reflects infrared rays.

Installation of fittings

Fittings for high-end windows and doors guarantee comfort, reliability, impeccable operation, and maintainability at the end of their service life. Guided by these criteria, we complete products only with the best fittings. Custom products can have any opening method: tilt-and-turn, fold, slide, mid-suspended.

Line of aluminum structures

One of the main specializations of our company is the production of aluminum structures: facades, lift and slide doors, partitions, windows, entrances, greenhouses, etc. We use only certified materials from leading manufacturers.

Line of lamination

Our company uses Renolit laminating membrane in its production since it is a high-quality material resistant to fading. Wide selection of woodgrain colors and textures, as well as high strength, helps to implement any project in different climatic zones. Laminated profiles of PVC windows do not require special maintenance, and dust and urban soot on dark shades are less noticeable.


We are confident in the quality of our window designs, as we control this at every stage of our production. Our production facility has its own quality control laboratory. The laboratory has a set of equipment that allows us to test the manufactured structures for compliance with State Standards (GOST).

We work with leading
suppliers of raw materials and components

Certificate Windods IFT


Certificate ISO 9001 2015


UkrSEPRO Glasso


UkrSEPRO Glasso


UkrSEPRO Salamander


UkrSEPRO double-glazed window


UkrSEPRO Siegenia




Documents and certificates

Quality certification from the manufacturer

The GLASSO company confirms the compliance of the quality indicators of all products with certificates. All our products are certified and manufactured under Ukrainian (UkrSEPRO) and international (ITF, ISO 9001:2015) standards.

Certificate ITF

We also passed voluntary certification in Germany and received the Certificate ITF (Certification and Supervision Body in IFT Rosenheim). This certificate confirms that our product meets the requirements of the IFT certification scheme, has implemented permanent third-party control over the production site and control of the production process using ift-Q-Zert, etc.

Certificate ISO 9001:2015

In 2019, we received the ISO 9001:2015 quality certificate. This standard is based on a number of principles: customer orientation, motivation and involvement of senior management, process approach, and continuous improvement.
Certification is the key to your confidence in the quality of your GLASSO products.

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