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We provide a long-term warranty

When buying GLASSO products, you get a quality guarantee and a long service life of the products. We are confident in the quality of our window designs, as we control this at every stage of our production. Such components as profile, fittings, gaskets for your windows and doors are manufactured by the leading brands worldwide. This is really the best offer in the global glazing market!

Warranty period

The quality of our products is ensured by the technical control department at the production site and the necessary certificates. The service life of windows and doors is more than 40 years. Our warranty period for window and door structures is 5 years. This means that we fix any problems free of charge and, if necessary, replace all the necessary elements during the 5-year period. Warranty service is carried out only by experienced specialists, using special equipment, which enables to perform all the work efficiently, eliminating all defects promptly.

After-sales service

It is necessary to periodically perform maintenance of windows and doors for their long-term operation. This allows to prolong the service life of structures for more than a dozen years. This is facilitated by timely lubrication of fittings, replacement of gaskets, and restoration of the structure geometry. Contact us and our experts will answer all your questions, and if necessary, will come to you to solve all issues related to the operation of windows, doors, etc. on site.

Online consultations

Communication only with real people who are ready to implement even the most ambitious projects! Customer-friendly messengers.