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Frameless glass curtains

The frameless glass curtain system enables to create solid glass walls without visible frames, mullions, and lintels.
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Frameless glass curtains – the feeling of light and space

Frameless technology is quite popular in modern construction. The absence of frames creates the illusion of complete unity with the surrounding space, while the structure protects from wind and precipitation providing the panoramic view in comfortable conditions. The technology is applicable for glazing both balconies and loggias, as well as wider openings, enabling to create transparent walls in cafés and restaurants or on the terraces of private homes.

Advantages of frameless glass curtains:
  • creates the illusion of a complete glass wall;
  • application of different opening systems;
  • protection against unpleasant weather conditions, noise reduction;
  • stylish modern design;
  • strength and reliability of materials used.
Frameless glass curtains
Frameless glass curtains

The system provides for the free movement o glass panels along the rails using special roller carriages. If necessary, glass sections are shifted to the side and folded like the "book", thus fully exposing the opening without taking up much space. When closing the doors, the system is locked, which, along with the use of heavy-duty tempered glass, provides an appropriate safety.


The lower support system implies a load on the structure bottom, which, unlike the upper-suspended systems, provides independence from the power of the supporting structure. It provides a connection of leaves when they move dependent on each other. The leaves move in a parallel plane. When you open the first of them, the position of all the others also changes.

Wide range of architectural and design solutions:
  • frameless glass curtains help to open up to 80% of the area;
  • it is allowed to use leaves weighing up to 80 kg and up to 3 m high;
  • application of anodized profiles with high aesthetic properties (silver color and silk texture of the surface);
  • if necessary, profiles can be repainted in any color that matches the design;
  • the gap between the windows is covered with a special gasket protecting against rain and wind with no negative impact on the glass curtain look.
Frameless glass curtains
Frameless glass curtains
GLASSO Service — 5-year service life guarantee

The company's experts provide professional services on the installation of frameless glass curtain systems and their further maintenance, which supports the functionality of the systems throughout their entire service life. The company provides a 5-year service life guarantee for systems.

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