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External aluminium venetian blinds

The lamellas of facade blinds are made of aluminum and have anti-corrosion properties, resistance to ultraviolet radiation. For maximum protection from atmospheric influences, the blind profiles are covered with a special polymer during the production process.
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Aesthetics and functionality

Blinds provide effective thermal protection and help in the operation of the air conditioner. A thermal barrier is created between the surface of the lamella and the glass, that is, an air mass that slows down heat exchange. Thanks to this, at an outside temperature of 35 °C, the temperature inside the building can be reduced to 10 °C. Using blinds protects against excessive light and also gives a sense of privacy.

Advantages of external blinds:
  • protects from direct sunlight and heat;
  • reduces air conditioning costs;
  • can be operated manually or automatically;
  • external installation saves space inside;
  • protects against sun, rain, wind, noise and burglary;
  • controls the level of illumination in the room.
Facade blinds
Facade blinds
Light and simple aluminum construction:

Guides, slats and lower gutter are made of weather-resistant aluminum and additionally protected with high-quality varnishes. The own weight of blinds is on average 2-3 kg per m2, and this is not a significant load for the building structure.

Smooth control:

Opening and closing in the range of 90° and 180° makes it possible to conveniently adjust the degree of light penetration inside. Blinds management can be combined into teams. This solution is advantageous from an economic point of view, since one drive can control two or more blinds. Blinds are equipped with electric drives with wired or radio control.

Features of facade aluminum blinds:
  • made of materials that perfectly tolerate weather conditions and do not lose their properties over time;
  • reduce the building’s energy consumption, providing protection from the sun’s rays and reducing heat loss in the cold season;
  • provide protection from outside views, which preserves privacy in the building;
  • equipped with various control systems, such as manual, electric, or automatic control;
  • provide protection against ultraviolet rays that can damage furniture and the interior of the room;
  • protect windows and premises from dangers such as stormy winds, hail, snowdrifts, which can cause material damage and threaten the safety of residents.
Facade blinds
Facade blinds
GLASSO service is a guarantee of service life for many years

Exterior aluminum blinds will last for many years with proper care and maintenance. The GLASSO team uses high-quality materials and the latest technology to create blinds that are strong, efficient and long-lasting.

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