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Salamander EvolutionDrive Lift and Slide System

Salamander EvolutionDrive is an exquisite lift and slide system to fill your home with sunlight and space. It will expand the interior space by merging it with the surrounding landscape.
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Salamander EvolutionDrive – lift and slide system for space lovers

The unique EvolutionDrive system is specially designed for large openings. It is used in the glazing of terraces, greenhouses, patios, etc. Slide windows and doors are easy to operate and provide an amazing view from the house.

System advantages:
  • slide window and door options;
  • uses a five-chamber profile, the heat transfer coefficient via the frame is no more than 1.5 W/m2K;
  • double-glazed window is 48 mm thick;
  • system size can reach 6.5 x 2.5 m;
  • maximum sunlight for the interior space.
Reliable and simple

The SOFT CLOSE function enables to easily and safely control the leaf movement. It provides braking the leaf before it reaches the final position and automatically bringing it to the final position. This solution enables the easy and safe operation of the leaf weighing up to 400 kg without any injuries or material damage.

Move 400 kg with no effort

EvolutionDrive doors are equipped with reliable German fittings SIEGENIA PORTAL HS. Properly distributed load ensures smooth movement of the heavy leaf and allows you to move it without excessive effort.

Features of the Salamander EvolutionDrive system:
  • easy and smooth movement of large-weight leaves (up to 400 kg);
  • compliance with the RC2 burglar resistance class achieved by the use of high-tech anti-burglar elements;
  • small height of the threshold (5 mm) ensuring comfortable operation;
  • maintenance of ecological balance, complete recycling of materials;
  • magnificent design – amazing snow-white color inherent to the Salamander brand, as well as a wide range of colors provide unlimited freedom of design and architectural solutions.
Opening method

GLASSO Service — 5-year service life guarantee

GLASSO provides a full range of services for the maintenance and repair of installed systems, ensuring the preservation of all operational properties of the structure and the safety of its use.

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