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Glass slide doors

Individual solutions for everyday and office locations. It is suitable for glass, wall, and ceiling installations in full configuration and can be customized.
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Barrier-free space

The manual sliding door system designed for glass door structures is compact and functional. The ease of system installation is achieved by the MUTO technology. Functions are configured from the front side of the structure. It is equipped with an automatic closing system providing additional operating comfort. The automation used in the design is not bound by the power supply network.

System advantages:
  • use of safety glass (single- or multi-layer);
  • manual or automatic process of opening/closing the door;
  • possibility to installation both on the ceiling and the wall, including structures with glass side panels;
  • noise-free operation;
  • suitable for products of any weight (60, 80, 120, 150 kg);
  • long service life (up to 200,000 opening/closing cycles).
Glass slide doors
Glass slide doors
Customized production:
  • door panel width is up to 2.5 m, slide panel height is limited to 3 m;
  • equipped with a position indicator that enables to connect to the general building management system;
  • electromechanical lock that requires no mains supply.
Simple installation:
  • setting up the necessary options from the front side of the structure upon installation;
  • height adjustment with no fuss;
  • application of innovative technologies (door position indicator, locking function, etc.) ensures maximum comfort of structure operation.
Wide variety of architectural and design solutions:
  • different mounting methods: to the wall, ceiling, glass side panels, or glass transom;
  • leaf synchronization (when opening/closing the first leaf, the second one is to repeat the movement automatically);
  • application of telescopic system makes the structure efficient for wide openings design;
  • lack of binding of automation to the power supply network;
  • application of safety reinforced glass as a material makes the structure reliable and safe without compromising its elegant design.
Glass slide doors
Glass slide doors
GLASSO Service

The company provides maintenance and repair services for the systems installed, ensuring their impeccable service over a long period. The warranty period provided by the company for the systems is 5 years, yet if you follow the rules of operation, the system will serve much longer.

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