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Glass swing doors

High-quality materials and robust construction guarantee an unsurpassed standard of strength and reliability.
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Flawless functionality

Glass doors give architectural concepts the elegance of transparency. Carefully designed coordinating glass fittings emphasize the harmonious symbiosis of functionality and design. Wide range of fittings options provides an elegant implementation of almost any imaginable tempered glass configuration.


  • finish options and colors
  • assortment of locks, lever handles, and hinges
  • easy to install
  • automatic opening/closing
  • noise-free and safe
Glass swing doors
Glass swing doors

Customized solutions

— single design of the tempered glass structure
— wide range of surface finishes and colors
— reliability under extremely high loads
— long service life due to the use of high-quality materials
— freedom to choose fittings from a wide range of possible solutions

Invisible fittings for swing doors

Glass doors that open in both directions without any visible fasteners, right? Meet DORMA VISUR, the patented DORMA system protecting doors that open in both directions with no need to install any distorting functional elements.

The system provides ample opportunities for architects and layout specialists:

  • simple and reliable installation saves time and money
  • glass doors to open in both directions
  • safety reinforced glass (reliability, safety, and elegant design)
  • long service life: 200,000 opening cycles
  • fittings surface: anodizing, RAL colors, brass, stainless steel
  • individual and universal
Glass swing doors
Glass swing doors

GLASSO Service — 5-year service life guarantee

GLASSO provides comprehensive maintenance and repair services ensuring that its systems are fully functional and safe to use.

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