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Glass fences

Glass fences are very often found in the designs of architects and interior designers today. They have become an integral part of the design of shopping malls, financial institutions, restaurants, etc. Their unique ability to fill the room with light and a sense of spaciousness attracts owners of apartments and country houses.
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Glass fences

The elegance and practicality of glass structures contribute to their efficient application in the design of outdoor areas in commercial buildings, stairs, balconies, etc. They are a popular choice for airports, business centers, shopping centers, etc.

You can customize your order to use glass structures with the greatest efficiency. This service ensures maximum consideration of features of a particular structure to achieve compliance of installed elements with operating conditions, as well as the overall interior solution.

Main advantages of GLASSO fences:
  • safety due to design features and increased reliability of materials manufacturing;
  • resistance to shocks and other mechanical impacts;
  • long service life of fences while maintaining their attractive appearance and user characteristics;
  • easy to maintain.
Glass fences
Glass fences
Installation requirements

Fence installation should be carried out according to the previously adopted project. When planning the installation site, designers take into account not only the style expediency yet also compliance with all requirements for glass structures.

Production of glass fences

The production of glass structure for any purpose involves performing calculations taking into account operational loads, expected conditions of use, etc. The strength and other characteristics of structures strictly correspond to expected loads.

Unlimited architectural and design solutions:
  • The high performance of the glass used (compressive strength, wear resistance, resistance to humidity and chemical impacts, etc.) contribute to its wide application in architecture and interior design.
  • The versatility of glass fences, as well as installation options (in the floor, from the end of the step, on remote type mullions, etc.), enables designers to implement the most unexpected solutions.
  • Careful selection of materials for the manufacture of the frame, as well as fasteners (anodized aluminum or stainless steel), preserves the perfect appearance of the fence (no corrosion processes, deformations, etc.) regardless of the operating conditions of the structure.
Glass fences
Glass fences
GLASSO Service — 5-year service life guarantee

GLASSO is confident in the functionality and safety of each design created by its experts and is ready to offer its services for their repair and maintenance. The company provides a 5-year service life guarantee for glass fences. Fences serve much longer when the right conditions are created.

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